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Vehicle rental

GaliciaMotorent is a brand name of the trading company RF BUSINESS & TQ RETAIL S.L. domiciled in the province of Pontevedra, in the street Vista Alegre, 4º E 36201 Vigo with CIF-B-27.784.727

  1. The renter must not allow that the vehicle is used for the transport of persons or things by rental, in any speed career or any public or private sports competition; the vehicle must not be driven by any person who has given to Galiciamotorent a fictitious name or a wrong age or address or that are against the Laws, Regulations or applicable Ordinances; to move or to tow a vehicle or tow; it must not be driven by any person who is not the renter, the relatives who live with him, the employer of the renter or an employee of the renter who uses the vehicle during the normal service delivery to the renter. Therefore, any of the persons mentioned above must have got previously the Galiciamotorent authorization; moreover, no person included the renter, will be able to use or drive the vehicle unless they have the vehicle registration certificate. The restrictions included in this clause are applied jointly and are effective with regard to any use of the vehicle. The renter assumes complete responsibility in case of fine, sanction or damage derived from the infraction of this clause.
  2. The renter assumes complete responsibility for any infractions of traffic or parking norms committed during the validity of this contract.
  3. It is expressly agreed that Galiciamotorent does not assume any responsibility for losses or damages of goods that the renter or any another person forgets, keeps or transports in the vehicle during the rental or after it. The renter assumes the risk of such losses or damages, exempts Galiciamotorent from any claim and promises to maintain A.Turbo Rent a car S.L, free and undamaged from any claim that takes place for this cause.
  4. Galiciamotorent does not accept any responsibility for the delay that takes place as a consequence of a breakdown in the vehicle or for other causes. Galiciamotorent reserves the right to replace the vehicle in the event of theft or accident, being necessary to carry out the above-mentioned substitution, the signed justification of acceptance of fault by the opposing party.
  5. The client will be responsible for all the damages that he causes to the vehicle. If the client misleads or leaves the keys of the vehicle inside the car, we will charge him 30 € for the travel costs since we will have to provide him another key or another service.
  6. The vehicle is covered by an insurance policy called Unlimited Legal and Criminal Liability against third parties, since the renter is insured by virtue of the above-mentioned insurance policy, binds to fulfil all the terms and conditions of the policy. With the purpose of fulfilling with the above-mentioned insurance policy. The renter promises to inform immediately about any accident the insurance company or Galiciamotorent
  7. For any disagreement that could arise as regards this document, both parties will expressly submit to the Judges and Courts of Ibiza, resigning from any other jurisdiction.
  8. In the fully comprehensive insurances, Galiciamotorent offers to the client a damage insurance in the rented vehicle caused by an accident with for the amount of the deposit, whenever the client is responsible for the accident. This insurance does not cover the damages caused in wheels, low parts of the vehicle, loss of keys, theft, breaks or damages inside the vehicle and accessories belonging or delivered with the vehicle.
    This insurance will be invalidated, as well as the contract and with a loss by the renter, of the rate, insurance and deposit when:
  • The vehicle is driven by a person different from the renter, it has no contract or it is out of date.
  • The driver infringes the laws of the Circulation Code.
  • The damages are caused deliberately or due to a bad use of the vehicle.
  • In the vehicle, there are more persons than the maximum authorized.
  • The vehicle is driven out of the paved routes.
  • The driver drives under the effects of the alcohol and other narcotic substances.
  • The renter uses it to any activity as a goods transport, to the remunerated passengers transport or when it implies directly or indirectly the sublease of the vehicle.
  • To have the insurance invalidated due to the assumptions above, the renter is responsible for the damages caused in the vehicle by theft, accident, breakdown, vandalism, misled or loss of its pieces, as well as the days of paralysation of the vehicle.
  1. DEPOSIT. When signing the contract, the renter will pay Galiciamotorent in addition to the amount of the liquidation of the contract, a quantity of deposit which amount will be to criterion of Galiciamotorent up to which the renter will assume any extra charge of any nature that has been generated. The reimbursement of the deposit would not be done until the resolution of the incidence.
    In case the above-mentioned quantity of the deposit does not cover the above-mentioned charges in its entirety, the renter will have to pay to Galiciamotorent the difference. In case there is no extra charge, Galiciamotorent will return the above-mentioned deposit to the renter as soon as the contract is finished.
  2. RETURN OF THE VEHICLE. The vehicle will be returned in the place, date and hour agreed in the contract and in the same state when it was delivered by Galiciamotorent with all its documents, tires, keys, tools and accessories. If the vehicle is returned earlier, the renter will not have the right to the return of the amount of the rate and insurance of the contract. In case the renter wants to keep the vehicle more days than agreed in the contract, he will have to get an authorization in writing from Galiciamotorent. He will have to pay the corresponding amount or accept the charge in the credit card, in no case the deposit will serve as an extension of the rent. Any alteration in the agreed conditions for the return of the vehicle might reverberate in additional charges for the renter.
  3. FUEL. It is a responsibility of the renter to replenish the vehicle with the type of suitable fuel and to pay for that. Any expense or repair derived by the use of inadequate fuel will be charged to the renter. If the client returns the vehicle with more combustible, we will not pay the difference for administrative issues.
  4. EXTRA CHARGES. The renter authorizes GaliciaMotorent to charge in his credit or debit card, all the extra charges that the return of the vehicle, according to the clauses of this rental contract.
  5. For reservations with discounts lower than 25 %, you can annul or modify without any type of penalization your reservation whenever you warn with 48 hours of advance with regard to the pickup date of the vehicle. In the opposite case, we will charge him the amount corresponding to the first day of rental of the vehicle reserved (without discounts).
  6. For reservations with a 25 %discount or higher, you cannot change the dates of the rental nor realize any modification or cancellation in the reservation that implies the return of the amount that was paid to confirm it-
  1. The prices showed on the web page are calculated from the rates published in the above-mentioned web, including the active discounts for the day in which the calculation is realized. Galiciamotorent does not take responsibility for possible mistakes in the calculation of prices or availability of the vehicles by the web. In case of mistake, Galiciamotorent promises to annul the reservation and to cancel the payment made in a maximum term of 24 hours from the confirmation of the reservation.
  2. ATTENTION! This vehicle will be immediately withdrawn if it is OPEN (steering and padlock), BAD PARKED, or with an EXPIRED CONTRACT; your contract will be annulled immediately and you will lose all the money.
    THEFT. – Keep the vehicle ALWAYS CLOSED. In case of theft, you will have to pay the amount of the value of the vehicle and you will lose all the money already paid. In case of theft, the contract will be automatically annulled.
    HOUR OF RETURN. – Vehicles not returned in the date and hour of return will have an extra charge of 10 Euros for each hour or fraction for motorbikes.
    MARINE AREA. – To drive vehicles in the marine area (beach), or out of the authorized routes, is illegal and it damages seriously the vehicle. Likewise, the renter must not drive out of the Community of Galicia. Such circumstances annul automatically the insurance, and it implies the loss of all the money paid and the annulment of the contract.
    EXEMPTION. – In case of break or theft of the vehicle or of the pieces, the client will have to pay up to 1000,00€ for scooters and motorbikes with up to 350 c.c.; 2000,00 € for quads and motorcycles with more than 350 c.c. Any type of insurance would be invalidated if at the moment of accident or theft the client did not have the corresponding rent full up to the date.
    PAYMENT WITH A BANK CARD: The holder of the card with which any payment or deposit is done will have to be present to the signing of the rental contract and to prove his ownership.
    RF BUSINESS & TQ RETAIL S.L. informs the user that the treatment of the information of personal character is realized in accordance with the arranged in the Constitutional Law 15/1999, of December 13th of Data Protection and with the Royal Decree 1720/2007, of December 21th, by which it is approved the Regulation of development of the Constitutional Law 15/199, of December 13th, of protection of information of personal character.

“The user will be able to exercise his rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition by means of a written communication, enclosing a photocopy of the ID card or another identification document, to RF BUSINESS AND TQ RETAIL, S.L. in C/Vista Alegre 30 – 4E CP 36201 Vigo (Pontevedra)”

  1. The owner
    Vista Alegre, 30 4º E
    Vigo, Spain
    CIF: B27784727
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